What is medical gaslighting? Why is it a problem? – WPXI

PITTSBURGH — A recent New York Times report highlighted something known as “medical gaslighting.”

Channel 11 reached out to medical malpractice expert Victor Bornstein, who is also the CEO of Justpoint — a company that helps victims of malpractice to find the right attorney.

Medical gaslighting is a problem, especially for women.

It involves a patient’s symptoms being dismissed when visiting a doctor. Why?

Bornstein says there are a few possible answers but one stands out.

“Doctors are trained to take men complaining more seriously than women’s complaints. It’s even worse when Black women have symptoms. When they have symptoms doctors are even more likely to dismiss their symptoms.”

Justpoint’s database of people looking for attorneys for malpractice shows 63% more women than men.

Bornstein says the struggle is real for women complainants finding justice: “They are less likely to find an attorney. And the attorney is less likely to win their claim and after they win their claim even if they do win the claim they’re less likely to receive the same amount as men.”

According to Justpoint’s numbers, when women get a payout, the average is $18,000 less than a man’s and even though women are more likely to suffer from a misdiagnosis, men are 577% more likely than women to find justice.

Bornstein says there are two things you need to do if you think you’re a victim. Find an attorney but also make them aware of this issue. Many times, he says attorneys have never heard of medical gaslighting.