Watch an Olympian and a Navy Veteran Compete in ‘Fitness HORSE’

Previous pro runner and two-time Olympic medalist Nick Symmonds and U.S. Navy vet Austen Alexander have both of those solid new paths on YouTube, exactly where they get on all varieties of conditioning challenges from strongman instruction to signing up for the 1,000-pound club. In a new collab, Symmonds worries Alexander to a video game of HORSE to see who is the fittest of the two.

The recreation is uncomplicated: each individual man will perform the identical work out, but whomever completes the fewest reps or takes the longest has to acquire a letter. Whichever of the two finishes up with 5 letters, i.e. ample to spell out HORSE, loses the recreation.

Alexander chooses the very first event—100 meters on the rowing machine—and finishes in 16.48 seconds, beating Symmonds by close to half a second. “Mass moves mass,” Symmonds concedes, gamely accepting his “H” just before picking the up coming exercise: double-unders.

“I have been practising a ton for the CrossFit Open,” he claims, and it appears like that do the job is shelling out off, as he hits a PR of 74 reps. Alexander, meanwhile, maxes out at 16, dropping this spherical.

The 3rd function is a tank force on greatest traction, doing the job out to the equal of at minimum 400 lbs . on a sled, suggests Alexander. He completes two laps in 15.4 seconds, and Symmonds loses this party with a time of 21.46.

The future take a look at is deciding who can accomplish the most consecutive bar muscleups with no dropping. Symmonds completes 6 unbroken reps, but Alexander struggles to even do 1. Then they just about every work up to their respective one-rep max for the back again squat and evaluate figures. Symmonds’ max is at 275 lbs, which Alexander surpasses, easily squatting 355 just before selecting it is time to go on to the up coming spherical.

Alexander just about edges out Symmonds and wins the suicide drills, then troubles him to a 100-meter all out hill sprint. Symmonds wins this just one in 12.7 seconds, with Alexander just powering him. “You literally experienced me for 99 meters,” he tells Alexander. “I got you by a single shoulder.”

To even items out, the future round is certainly additional in Alexander’s wheelhouse, a 50-garden swim, but Symmonds wins this one, that means they are both neck and neck with a “HORS” every. For the tiebreaker, they see who can past in a dead cling for the longest—and Alexander drops from the bar first, earning him the HORSE and the loser of the match.

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