Vitamin nutritional supplement: Aspect results include hair loss and diarrhoea

There are two kinds of vitamin health supplements. There are water soluble vitamins and there are body fat soluble natural vitamins. H2o soluble nutritional vitamins, these types of as Vitamin C and B, leave the physique by way of your urine. This is why your pee gets to be a luminous fountain following you’ve taken them.

Terrifying, we know, but spotted in time you can protect against these develop ups triggering you serious damage.

A single somewhat embarrassing symptom of overdosing on a vitamin dietary supplement is hair decline.

Other signs of overdosing a nutritional supplement include things like emotions of nauseousness, diarrhoea, stomach cramps, gastrointestinal upset (runny tummy), fatigue and delicate nerve destruction.

While you may possibly also get some of that from seeing the information, if you’ve been getting a vitamin nutritional supplement for a vitamin that you are not deficient in, it may well also be that.

Don’t Miss out on

If you overdose on Vitamin C, you can even now knowledge diarrhoea, stomach cramps and nausea.

It is essential to remember as well that vitamin nutritional supplements are just that, they’re nutritional supplements.

You must take them with meals rather than as an alternative of meals.

Also, if you can, test to eat a food with all your critical vitamin wants so that you really don’t require to switch to nutritional supplements.

To boost your temper, magnesium supplements can help cut down fatigue.

Having said that, if you gentle a match close to another person who has just taken 1, they may burn up a bright white gentle.

Each individual man or woman, nevertheless, is various, and each and every human being has a distinctive life-style that could necessitate the use of health supplements.

The most effective way to get your vitamin dosage continues to be a nutritious, well balanced eating plan.