UCI Health partners with DispatchHealth to bring medical services straight to patients’ homes

TUSTIN, Calif. (KABC) — An at-home acute medical care service has partnered with UCI Health to bring services to patient’s homes.

All loaded with the medical equipment she needed on Thursday, nurse practitioner Kei Martin and a medical technician were sent to see their first patient of the day.

Having medical information on the road and over the phone expedited the entire process.

This at-home urgent medical care provided by DispatchHealth is a partnership with UCI Health.

Martin, the clinical lead in the Orange County program, said they serve both the insured and uninsured.

DispatchHealth was in 43 states and as of last November, it came to Orange County, the first location in California.

Viral illness and infection are just some of the acute conditions these teams treat, seven days a week, for patients three months of age to the elderly.

“We also see high-level illnesses, injuries, diseases that typically people would go to an emergency department for,” said Martin. “So the only things that we don’t see are anything that are a threat to life or limb, such as a stroke or heart attack.”

Martin said this helps free up space in emergency rooms and gives healthcare providers a better idea of how their patient’s environment affects their health.

Yoshika Tuttle is a working single mother of two who tried the service for the first time on Thursday.

Tuttle said she was happy with her experience.

“Super convenient, I was working up until they knocked on the door,” she said. “They came in, didn’t take any longer than, I think that was like, 15 to 20 minutes. In my own home, comfortable clothes … these two ladies were super professional and amazing.”

The service accepts several insurance providers and Medicare.

Anyone interested can visit the DispatchHealth website.

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