The reliability of online stores for masks and alcohol gels

Online reviews are very important in choosing an online store when you want to buy a mask or alcohol gels. You can see what is the best products and the best stores from Consumer feedback. To ensure our health and that of those around us, we are obliged, for a few months from now, to wear a protective mask.

It is also recommended to use disposable gloves and to disinfect each time we touch surfaces that several people have put their hands on.

So, if you are left without a mask, gloves, or disinfectant, you can order them online, easily and quickly, to get out of the house safely. I can also help you analyze some reviews about medical supplies stores.

How to be sure that you find a good product online?

In the times we live in now, products that keep you away from viruses and microbes have become extremely important. It is recommended to wash your hands, but it would be good to have various combinations of disinfectants at hand. Also, the mask is mandatory in closed public spaces. Being a highly sought after product category, some manufacturers or traders may speculate. But there is the Price Monitor, a platform where you can check prices from various locations and make comparisons.

One of the best ways to protect yourself from infections is to wash your hands regularly with soap and water, but there are times when you do not have immediate access to soap and water, for example when you are on public transport. or when going to and from work.

In these cases, buying your hand sanitizer online to take with you on the go could be a great alternative. You should use a 60-80% alcohol-based alcohol solution.

Stores where you can buy hand sanitizer online

  • Amazon
  • Aliexpress
  • eBay

There are several shops where interesting things at affordable prices, for example, Faherty.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the use of disinfectant as a way to prevent the spread of the disease, and in general, an alcohol-based disinfectant is best. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers work by killing bacteria on the surface of your hands, which you may have picked up when you did something as simple as opening a door counting money.

Be careful what protective mask you buy

During this period, there are high chances that the masks purchased will not be compliant and, precisely for this reason, the specialists draw attention and point out which elements on the label we must pay attention to.

The three characteristics that differentiate them are filtration capacity, breathability, and splash resistance, according to InfoCons, the National Association for Consumer Protection.

The minimum filtration efficiency imposed by this standard is 95% for type I masks and 98% for type II and IIR masks, this being determined for particles with an average size of 3┬Ám. For type IIR masks, an additional condition must be met, namely spray resistance (the ability of the mask to retain any fluid jets directed at it). Although there are several types of protective masks, not all are recommended for the population, because those with high protection, for example, should be reserved for medical personnel.

When the year began, most of the population had seen the use of masks only in places such as hospitals or in a certain type of tourist, especially among Asians. Probably then no one imagined that a global pandemic caused by a hitherto unknown virus would quarantine half the planet and promote the use of this type of protection.

Masks are used as personal protective equipment in the health sector: in these contexts, they are useful if they are worn by patients carrying an infection or by operators who take care of their treatments.

For this reason, authorities do not advise healthy people to equip themselves with these devices in a preventive way because there is no evidence to prove their effectiveness in reducing the transmission of the virus to healthy subjects.


Don’t forget to wear a protective mask, disposable gloves, and disinfect yourself every time you leave the home with every possible contact with contaminated surfaces. By following the three simple steps, you can save lives, both yours and those around you! Most people ignore the basic rules of hygiene – do not wash their hands or do it often enough. The first measure of protection, before the mask, is basic hygiene – do not put your hand in your mouth and then do not touch the face and surrounding objects, for example.

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