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DCH Hits Highest COVID-19 Inpatient Total Since Aug. 21

TUSCALOOSA, AL. — The number of inpatient COVID-19 cases for DCH Health System across its three hospitals has hit its highest mark in more than a month, according to Monday’s update from DCH.

As of 4 p.m. Monday, DCH reported 69 inpatient COVID-19 cases, which is up from 50 two weeks ago and represents the most patients being treated in the hospital after testing positive for the coronavirus since the system reported 69 cases on Aug. 21.

The number of COVID-19 patients being treated in the hospital’s intensive care units (ICUs) as of Monday afternoon — 25 — is also the same number seen on Aug. 21 and a total increase of five over the last two weeks.

While inpatient totals at DCH have been on a steady climb since Labor Day weekend and the beginning of in-person instruction for local schools and colleges, Monday’s inpatient figures are still well-short of a surge brought on by the Fourth of July holiday that saw the hospital top triple-digit totals for its COVID-19 inpatients.

An increase worth noting could also be seen in the number of patients being treated on ventilators, which climbed to 11 as of Monday, compared to “five or fewer” reported on Sept. 21.

According to Monday’s update of the Alabama Department of Public Health’s COVID-19 dashboard, Tuscaloosa has confirmed a cumulative total of 6,606 COVID-19 cases. Of those cases, 1,938 were confirmed over the last 14 days.

Since Aug. 21, the hospital has also reported 49 deaths of inpatients at DCH who tested positive for COVID-19. To date, 195 inpatients who tested positive have died at DCH, 107 of whom were Tuscaloosa residents.

In its latest update, DCH did say the volume at its remote site in the Laundry Lot just west of DCH Regional Medical Center in Tuscaloosa has been on a gradual decline, prompting the system to reduce the number of days and changing the hours of operation.

Starting this week, DCH says the site will be open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from, 8 a.m. until noon.

This article originally appeared on the Tuscaloosa Patch

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Framingham Sees Highest Coronavirus Rise In Months

FRAMINGHAM, MA — Framingham reported the highest number of new coronavirus cases in months on Monday, and officials are cracking down with $500 fines will be handed out to people caught violating health rules without a warning.

Framingham reported 44 new cases on Monday. You would have to go back to May 21 to find a single report where more new cases were added. The city also reported one new COVID-19 death on Monday.

In an escalation, the $500 fines — first announced on Sept. 14 — will now be given to anyone who violates rules on gatherings on the first offense. The city was handing out warnings up until now.

“Framingham’s current spike in COVID-19 cases can be attributed to gatherings across the city and to help slow the spread, the city will no longer provide a warning and instead immediately issue a $500 fine for violation of the gathering order,” officials said in a news release Monday.

Framingham was named a red high-risk community on Aug. 26. Since then, the city has been receiving help from the state educating citizens about how to guard against the virus.

Framingham typically reports new coronavirus case numbers on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Here’s a look at the number of new cases in each of those reports dating back to the beginning of August:

  • Oct. 5 — 44 new cases

  • Oct. 2 — 25 new cases

  • Sept. 30 — 13 new cases

  • Sept. 28 — 15 new cases

  • Sept. 25 — 26 new cases

  • Sept. 23 — 17 new cases

  • Sept. 21 — 24 new cases

  • Sept. 18 — 15 new cases

  • Sept. 16 — 22 new cases

  • Sept. 14 — 33 new cases

  • Sept. 11 — 27 new cases

  • Sept. 9 — 32 new cases

  • Sept. 7 — No report due to Labor Day

  • Sept. 4 — 8 new cases

  • Sept. 2 — 17 new cases

  • Aug. 31 — 27 new cases

  • Aug. 28 — 21 new cases

  • Aug. 26 — 26 new cases

  • Aug. 24 — 20 new cases

  • Aug. 21 — 21 new cases

  • Aug. 19 — 7 new cases

  • Aug. 17 — 20 new cases

  • Aug. 14 — 12 new cases

  • Aug. 12 — 3 new cases

  • Aug. 10 — 24 new cases

  • Aug. 7 — 4 new cases

  • Aug. 5 — 8 new cases

  • Aug. 3 — 9 new cases

This article originally appeared on the Framingham Patch

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