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Most communities in Hale County saw coronavirus count increase last week


Just about every community in Hale County reported new cases of COVID-19 last week. The majority of those cases and the reported death are reflected in numbers for Plainview.

According to the latest numbers reported to the Plainview/Hale County Health Department, 94 new cases of coronavirus were reported in Hale County last week bringing the total number of reported cases up to 1,909 since the first was announced in March. Case counts across the county are as follows:

Plainview: 77 new cases; 1,697 total cases

Hale Center: 9 new cases; 101 total cases

Abernathy: 6 new cases; 68 total cases

Cotton Center: 1 new case; 2 total cases

Edmonson: 1 new case; 5 total cases

Petersburg: 0 new cases; 36 total cases

There were also an additional 50 recoveries reported including 34 in Plainview, eight in Hale Center, six in Abernathy and two in Petersburg.

There was one coronavirus-related death reported last week and it’s reflected in counts for Plainview.

The deceased individual is a man who was 61 years or older who contracted the virus locally. The latest case report shows he was in a medical facility.

The death brings Plainview up to 51 total deaths. There have been 58 in the county including two in Petersburg and five in Hale Center.

The number of COVID-19 tests being conducted