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Vituity and Decoded Health Launch Virtual Front Door for Hospitals and Health Systems

Vituity, a nationwide, physician-owned-and-led multispecialty partnership, and Decoded Health, a startup focused on building the world’s first clinical hyper-automation platform, today announced the launch of the world’s first clinically trained, artificially intelligent virtual front door solution for hospitals and clinics. Serving as the digital entry point to the healthcare system, Vituity’s Intelligent Virtual Front Door Solution will utilize Decoded Health’s Hyperautomation Platform to scale the entire clinical workflow, from inferring patients’ needs to rationalizing a plan of care.

Through a deep learning network, the platform provides providers with the ability to multiply their capacity and focus on what matters most – treating patients – and patients with the right care from anywhere in the world. The platform goes beyond traditional telehealth platforms by utilizing conversational AI to interview the patient, recommend a care plan to the physician, gain physician approval, and provide the patient with the necessary treatment while integrating simultaneously with common electronic health records.

“We recognized that Decoded Health has deep technical expertise and is laser-focused on creating the best solution for patients and clinicians,” says Rick Newell, MD, Chief Transformation Officer at Vituity. “They have leveraged our four decades of industry-leading insights, our experience of providing care to millions of patients each year across the country, and our collaborative relationships with health systems and payers, and turned them into a solution that creates more efficiencies and also drives revenue. We are excited to launch this latest care innovation to hospitals and health systems nationwide.”

“Healthcare technologies frequently die on the vine because it is difficult to understand the problem across a diverse set of stakeholders, navigate the complexity of the healthcare environment, and then deploy through robust national relationships,” said Mark Hanson, CEO of Decoded Health. “An early critical insight for our team was that healthcare startups need a clinical partner to break through customer discovery and validation. This partnership allowed our team to benefit from the expertise of thousands of Vituity providers with experience and relationships across hundreds of healthcare systems to quickly develop a unique offering and accelerate growth.”

About Vituity

For nearly 50 years, Vituity has been a catalyst for positive change in healthcare. As a physician-led and -owned multispecialty partnership with a nationwide footprint, nearly 5,000 Vituity clinicians working across nine acute care specialties care for more than 6.5 million patients each year.

Vituity’s acute focus and compassionate care are the driving forces that place us at the heart of better care. Our clinicians and practice management leaders develop front-line solutions for healthcare challenges that improve quality and have a direct, positive impact on millions of lives nationwide.

Our services span the entire acute care continuum, integrating emergency medicine, hospital medicine, critical care, anesthesiology, acute psychiatry, neurology, acute care surgery, telehealth, post-acute care, and outpatient medicine. Partnering with hospitals, health systems, clinics, payers, employers, and state and local government, our footprint continues to rapidly expand. Learn more at

About Decoded Health

Decoded Health is developing the world’s first Clinical RPA

Front Range Smoke, Pollution And Coronavirus: What To Know

Smoke from the Cameron Peak and Mullen wildfires continues to flow into the Front Range, and the fine particulates can increase people’s susceptibility to severe illness from the coronavirus, public health officials said.

The smoke can be harmful to everyone, but it’s particularly damaging for seniors, children and those with heart and lung conditions — the same people who are also at added risk from COVID-19, health officials said.

Smoke sensitivity can also mimic coronavirus symptoms, Gov. Jared Polis said during a news conference Friday.

“There are a lot of folks who might have symptoms and think it’s the fires — it’s the air, and in many cases they might be right, but you need to know, because the initial symptoms are similar — shortness of breath, cough, difficulty breathing,” Polis said.

“All of those issues that are often associated with the historically poor air quality often are those early symptoms of coronavirus, and it’s important to get tested,” the governor said.

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Coloradans are asked to avoid prolonged exertion outdoors when the air quality is poor, health officials said.

Smoke is influenced by wind and weather and can remain at consistently unhealthy levels for many days.

>> The latest air quality forecasts and advisories for the Front Range can be found here.

This article originally appeared on the Denver Patch

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