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South Brunswick COVID Cases In Double Digits For Third Time

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ – For the third time since June, South Brunswick reported weekly COVID positive cases in double digits, the town said Tuesday.

Eleven new cases were reported the week of Oct. 4-10.

“While this is a change from previous weeks, we look for trends over several weeks to show emerging patterns,” town officials said in a statement.

The biggest increase in COVID cases in five months was reported the week of Sep. 27-Oct. 3, with 19 people testing positive.

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In the past few months, South Brunswick successfully managed to keep COVID cases in single digits.

“In addition to those 11 new cases, we were informed of 3 additional cases confirmed from previous months, bringing our total number of COVID positive cases to 572.”

The average age of the 11 people who tested positive was 22 years of age. Eight were male and three were female.

Officials attributed the cases to international and out-of-state travel, college students testing positive at their colleges but being reported at their home addresses and the virus spreading throughout individual households.

South Brunswick Township currently has 572 cases of residents who have tested positive. This number reflects both residents and people living in long-term care facilities within the Township.

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This article originally appeared on the South Brunswick Patch

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