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Woman’s painful toothache turns out to be dangerous cancer

‘In addition to my health, my personal life was hit too as I went through a divorce last year’ (Picture: MDWfeatures/@nicolescrookedsmile)

A woman has been left toothless after her unchecked toothache turned out to be cancer.

Nicole Kowalski, 28, first started experiencing pain in her mouth back in 2017.

The student from Los Angeles, California, went to see a dentist but was brushed off and told it was nothing to worry about.

Six months later, the pain was only getting worse and was so bad that it made it impossible for Nicole to sleep.

In January, 2018, she went back and this time the x-ray showed that there was bone missing in her upper jaw. The dentist referred the student to an oral surgeon, who performed a biopsy and found that Nicole had a rare, benign tumour in her mouth.

Although the mass was not deadly, the blonde still had to undergo surgery to remove it, which involved taking out four of her teeth.

She was given an obturator to use, a prosthetic retainer fitted into the hole in her mouth post-surgery. Despite the necessity of this medical item, without which she wouldn’t be able to eat or talk, it is considered ‘unnecessary’ by the US healthcare system.

Unfortunately, this surgery was also not the end of Nicole’s misery.

During a check-up two weeks later, doctors discovered that she had salivary gland cancer.

Nicole’s smile is now unrecognisable, with her having recently removed seven teeth – including those in the front (Picture: MDWfeatures/@nicolescrookedsmile)

Nicole said: ‘Cancer runs in my family so you kind of realise that the chance you might get it is always there but I wasn’t prepared to hear those words.

‘I thought about my age and all the things I wanted to do. I felt an immense sense of loneliness.

‘It started with a toothache. The dentist told me it was nothing to worry about but over the next six months, the pain increased and spread to my jaw and face.

‘It was so intense that I couldn’t sleep. Eventually after a few trips to the doctors, an x-ray at the dentists revealed some bone loss.

‘A biopsy revealed that I had a benign tumour. This was in my upper right jaw and I underwent surgery to remove it.

‘The doctor removed four teeth and a portion of my soft palate and I was given my obturator to fill in the defect and replace the teeth.

‘It wasn’t until I went back for my follow up appointment that I found out I was misdiagnosed and had salivary gland cancer.’

Nicole still suffers from pain but the cancer is gone, for now (Picture: MDWfeatures/@nicolescrookedsmile)

What followed was a month of radiation treatment, which in turn caused side effects including trismus – also known as lockjaw – a condition that makes the muscles spasm.

As a result, Nicole could barely open her mouth, and had to undergo physical therapy for her jaw as well as speech therapy.

Despite the

Coronavirus Feels Doubly Dangerous In A Town Haunted By Asbestos : Shots

Frank Fahland, 61, is one of hundreds of Libby, Mont., residents who has an asbestos-related disease. That makes them potentially more vulnerable to complications from COVID-19.

Nate Hegyi / Mountain West News Bureau

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Nate Hegyi / Mountain West News Bureau

Frank Fahland, 61, is one of hundreds of Libby, Mont., residents who has an asbestos-related disease. That makes them potentially more vulnerable to complications from COVID-19.

Nate Hegyi / Mountain West News Bureau

LIBBY, Mont. — Frank Fahland has spent most days since the pandemic began at the site of his dream house, working to finish a 15-year labor of love while keeping away from town and the people closest to him.

Like thousands of people from Libby and Lincoln County, in the far northwestern corner of Montana, the 61-year-old Fahland has lungs already scarred by years of breathing in the asbestos fibers that have contaminated the area’s dust and soil. The asbestos is a legacy of a now-defunct plant in the area that made vermiculite, a mineral used in insulation and gardening.

Fahland recently gave a visitor a tour of his partially finished log home, overlooking a meadow that stretches to the foothills of the Cabinet Mountains. He struggled to climb a small hill and stopped to reach for his inhaler.

“It feels like someone is standing on your chest,he explains, “or almost like someone stuffed a pillow down there in your lung.”

Fahland’s condition makes him more vulnerable to complications from COVID-19, so he’s keeping his distance from people, in hopes of avoiding infection. He has kept his distance from his son and granddaughter for months and he recently wrote his will.

“If it hadn’t been for COVID my will would not be written. But it is now,” Fahland says. “It’s filed in the courthouse and the whole goddamn thing is done. That gives you some idea of how seriously I take this.”

He’s not alone in taking such precautions against the virus. Lincoln County has one of the nation’s highest asbestos mortality rates. At least 400 people have died from asbestos-related diseases, which can include asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer. At least 1 in 10 people in Libby have an asbestos-related illness, according to Miles Miller, a physician assistant at the Center for Asbestos Related Disease.

“Our patients having an underlying lung disease would make recovery from COVID-19 more difficult,” Miller says.

Lincoln County, population 20,000, largely was spared from outbreaks of the novel coronavirus at the beginning, which Miller chalked up to the community’s vigilance in testing, tracking and prevention efforts.

But by the fall, cases began to climb in the county along with the rest of Montana. By early October, the number of confirmed cases in Lincoln County was 170, nearly double the count at the end of August. County health officials said in a Facebook post that cases were all over the county and “it would be irresponsible to classify any towns as safe.”

The town of

With Trump Back at Work, Colleagues Face ‘Dangerous Moment’

President Donald Trump is protected at the White House by snipers, sensors, a new 13-foot-tall fence, and a dozens-strong force of Secret Service agents, but none of that managed to keep out the deadly and wily virus that infected him and has killed more than 211,000 Americans.

Nonetheless, the President went back to the Oval Office on Wednesday, less than 48 hours after being released from Walter Reed National Military Medical Hospital and still undergoing aggressive treatment. Medical experts warn that Trump may face a challenging, second-week phase of COVID-19 and could still be contagious.

Trump insisted on working out of the iconic office anyway, and was briefed by aides about the pandemic aid package talks with Congress — which he temporarily cut off in a tweet on Tuesday — and Hurricane Delta’s threat to the Gulf Coast, said White House Deputy Press Secretary Brian Morgenstern. To accommodate the President while he is ill, the Oval Office’s ventilation system was upgraded to change and filter the air more frequently, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said Wednesday. Staff seeing Trump in person are asked to wear a yellow gown, mask and goggles.

Seven months into the pandemic, there’s a newfound realization among White House staff that they relied too heavily on a rapid testing regime to alert them to COVID-19 in their midst, and didn’t do enough to enforce that masks be worn and distance be kept, measures recommended by federal health officials for months and used in workplaces around the country. Over the course of the last week, it has become clear that the West Wing is part of a COVID-19 hotspot in the nation’s capital, infecting Trump and at least 10 White House officials, with more than 100 believed to have been infected in Capitol Hill offices, and leading senior military officials isolating themselves.

Trump’s decision to leave the main residence of the White House and work from his office was seen by many as another example of the President’s disregard for those around him, his willingness to put his staff at risk, and his unwillingness to be a model for responsible public health recommendations that could stem the spread of the virus. It echoed Trump’s insistence on Sunday evening that a Presidential limousine driver and two Secret Service agents risk being exposed to the virus while riding with him while he waved through the car’s bullet-proof glass to supporters outside Walter Reed hospital.

As the scale of the outbreak has come into focus, the White House leadership has now told the few still working in the cramped West Wing to space themselves apart in meetings and cover their faces, after months of actively discouraging staff from wear masks and not keeping their distance in meetings.

U.S. Service members wear masks and eye protection before President Trump's return to the White House from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Oct. 05

U.S. Service members wear masks and eye protection before President Trump’s return to the White House from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Oct. 05

Win McNamee—Getty Images

But given President Trump’s publicly stated dislike for masks and social distancing measures,

Dangerous dentist ‘hacks’ are flooding TikTok as influencers grind down teeth with nail files & use BLEACH for whitening

SCRAPING a nail file down her front teeth, a young girl beams for the camera in scenes that would make any viewer grimace.

The shocking video is just one example of a disturbing new ‘DIY dentistry’ trend that sees TikTok influencers advise their fans on how to get a perfect smile.

Young TikTok users have filmed themselves filing their teeth down


Young TikTok users have filmed themselves filing their teeth downCredit: TikTok/Miadio
One trend sees users pour bleach on their toothbrushes


One trend sees users pour bleach on their toothbrushesCredit: TikTok/Miadio

From rubbing bleach on their teeth through to scraping enamel with activated charcoal to get pearly whites, some truly shocking ‘hacks’ are going viral on the video-sharing app.

However, experts are warning such reckless trends will not just cause lasting damage and stains, but can also lead to pain later in life.

Dr Kamala Aydazada, dentist and founder of Kensington Cosmetic Dentist, says: “People are spending longer hours staring at themselves on video calls, as well as following others on social media – many of whom use ‘picture perfect’ filters and Photoshop to enhance their profiles.

“For some, this may lead them resorting to drastic measures to achieve the results they want.”

Here, we take a closer look at just some of the hacks going viral on TikTok – and Dr Aydazada explains why she wouldn’t recommend trying them at home…

‘Once filed down they’ll never grow back’

In a toe-curling new trend on par with running your finger nails down a chalkboard, TikTok users have been ‘reshaping’ their teeth – using nail files.

Young people are attempting to take matters into their own hands to get the 'perfect smile'


Young people are attempting to take matters into their own hands to get the ‘perfect smile’Credit: TikTok / millennial_rdh
TikTok users are grinding down their teeth using nail files but dentists warn against it


TikTok users are grinding down their teeth using nail files but dentists warn against itCredit: TikTok / millennial_rdh

TikTok user Mia Dio, who has 145K followers, was one of the first to try out the technique, with the video liked over 51K times.

After using the ill-advised method, she shows a close up of her perfect smile, saying: “Guys, it’s literally working!”

Despite a warning applied to the video stating it contains “potential dangerous action”, one user commented: “I’ve thought about doing this so many times… They look good!!!”

Another added: “Is this real??? Is it dangerous??? Wanna do it but I’m scared lol.”

The bizarre trend spread right across TikTok


The bizarre trend spread right across TikTokCredit: Tiktok

Explaining why it’s so damaging, Dr Ayazada says: “The enamel of your teeth is really thin and once filed down, it will never grow back.

“This can cause a number of issues, making the affected areas appear dull and develop more stains over time due to surface irregularities.

“Your teeth may end up with sensitivity or pain and will become more prone to cavities. I would like to remind everyone that you only have one set of permanent teeth and should not compromise your health attempting this ill-advised TikTok trend.”

Whitening teeth with BLEACH

Some users have also started using three per cent hydrogen peroxide to whiten their teeth at home – a

Trump is still in a ‘dangerous position’ even though he looks well, a U.S. doctor says

  • There are high hopes that President Donald Trump’s will recover from the coronavirus, but he should not be discharged too soon as Covid-19 can be “very stealthy,” said William Schaffner of the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.
  • There are “high hopes” for the president’s recovery, but his age and weight potentially put him at higher risk, he said.
  • Schaffner also said Trump may have been infectious since last Monday and the number of people who were in contact with him without precautions could be “very large.”

Donald Trump sitting at a table in a kitchen: President Donald J. Trump works in his conference room at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after testing positive for COVID-19 on October 3, 2020 in Bethesda, Maryland.

© Provided by CNBC
President Donald J. Trump works in his conference room at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after testing positive for COVID-19 on October 3, 2020 in Bethesda, Maryland.

SINGAPORE — There are high hopes that President Donald Trump’s will recover from the coronavirus, but he should not be discharged too soon as Covid-19 can be “very stealthy” and infected patients can “suddenly crash,” a medical expert said this week.


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“It is a little bit confusing, but by and large, the president looks pretty good,” said William Schaffner, a professor of medicine at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. “So far so good, and we have high hopes for his complete and rapid recovery.”

“But that said, he’s still in a dangerous position. He is 74 years old, he is overweight, he is male. All of those things put him in a more severe category potentially,” Schaffner told CNBC’s “Street Signs Asia” on Monday. 

The coronavirus can be debilitating and is sometimes fatal. The disease has so far infected more than 35 million people worldwide and killed more than 1 million people, data compiled by the Johns Hopkins University shows. 

Trump announced on Friday that he and first lady Melania Trump tested positive for the coronavirus. He was admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center later that day and has been receiving treatment there.

His physician Dr. Sean Conley said the president had a high fever late Friday morning, and his oxygen saturation level dropped below healthy levels twice — on Friday and Saturday.

He also said Trump has been administered dexamethasone, a steroid that has been used to treat severe cases of Covid-19, and added that the president could be discharged as early as Monday.

‘Not a good idea’

Schaffner said he hopes Trump stays in the hospital for a few more days “under the 24-hour-a-day, watchful attention of the staff.”

“We know this infection can be very stealthy and … kind of fake you out, because you can do well for several days and then suddenly crash,” he said.

If things go sour when he is back in the White House or an emergency happens and they need to take him back to Walter Reed, it would not be good for Trump, he added. “That would not be a good idea. Let’s be conservative and take it a day at a time.”

Infectious period

Patients are usually declared free from the coronavirus if their symptoms have

Are Pickled Onions Good Or Dangerous For You (Healthy Onion Advantages)

A listing of the highest 10 healthiest foods may appear to be a come-on. Blackberries are a significant supply of Vitamin E. You want this vitamin for healthy pores and skin. The ten healthiest foods are meals that are so exceptionally good for us that we must always embody them in our healthy food plan on a regular basis. Patients should have the flexibility to obtain high quality care, regardless if they have cash or not, and regardless in the event that they dwell in a more developed nation or not.

@ Keala – It feels good to have the ability to encourage you to try out healthy foods and recipes. Hospital stays in Japan can last for months at a time as a result of the affected person may need time to get in stability emotionally, mentally, and physically. Psychological health is how we expect, really feel, and act with a purpose to face life’s situations.

In a while the police went from door to door asking if we had seen him and telling my mom he was from MH. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to know the kids I use to see by the keyhole taking part in in the playground were handled so badly.

While it’s true to say that health care is the prevention, treatment and management of illness, and the preservation of psychological and physical properly-being, by way of the companies provided by the medical, nursing and allied health professions, health-associated behaviour is influenced by our own values, that are decided by upbringing, by example, by expertise, by the corporate one retains, by the persuasive energy of promoting (often a drive of behaviour that can harm health), and by efficient health education.

Florida rejected participating in the Medicaid Growth with the Inexpensive Care Act; subsequently, inflicting 535,000 uninsured adults with critical psychological health and substance abuse points that will have been eligible for protection to not be covered (Nguyen).…

Did Bradley James Fix His Tooth? Why That is Dangerous

Poor dental health can all the time have an effect on your self esteem. Patients complain of food impaction at the edentulous house during meals. Didn’t president Barak Obama promise that healthcare value can be decrease? In an effort to counter any dangerous ideas or experiences concerning the dentist, you bought to have a optimistic outlook on the visit, and just have a great time.

A: Most dental programs are designed to take 4 years of study to complete, and on the end of the four years, most dentists are what is called a normal practitioner.” To turn into a specialist” in a particular area of dentistry, dentists should full 2-four years of schooling past acquiring their medical diploma, they usually is likely to be required to complete an additional 2-12 months residency program of their specialty.

This Hub presents questions and answers that might be of interest to anyone contemplating pursuing both a second or a first profession within the skilled subject of dentistry. Immediately dentistry has developed tremendously and even for those individuals who have lost their enamel, many inexpensive therapy choices can be found to stay healthy and regain their beautiful smile.

When the remains of food and drinks are not effectively cleaned from enamel, they function food for the micro organism liable for tooth decay The plaque begins to develop 20 minutes after we eat, so it is important to wash instantly after the primary meals.

So, I shall talk about the best way to maintain good oral hygiene, indicate some ways to whiten enamel at dwelling, about some dental diseases, about how you can brush your enamel properly, some tricks to get reduction from toothache immediately and some do-it-yourself toothpaste recipe.…

Signs Of A Dangerous Dentist

Have you ever been falling again in your dental test-ups and beginning to notice stains on your enamel and mild ache? To maintain our enamel and gums strong, we should eat raw fruit and veggies like radish, carrot, apple and so on. To make sure that you are following good business practices you will want to be sure to have some particular programs in place earlier than you open your dental follow to sufferers.

My father didn’t pay a cent for his healthcare as a result of he was an unlawful on the time. After one and a half hours of procuring, evaluating and strolling what seemed miles, I came residence with a dental care plan that will not harm Tess, however benefit her dental well being.

Even so, there is a fairly large group of People who are completely happy with their healthcare insurance the best way it is. This group consists primarily of individuals whose health insurance premiums are backed by their employers, and who have never faced a serious illness – yet, that is. So long as these people keep relatively wholesome, and don’t face premium funds that eat a big share of their income, this group will stay satisfied with issues the way in which they’re.

Then there is the Dental Group of Beverly Hills Beauty and Implant Dentistry. Opt for products suitable to your case: tooth sensitivity, stained enamel, gum issues, etc. Gums hold the tooth tightly to their place. High quality well being care shouldn’t be a privilege of the wealthy, and if that is the system our nation takes, then our nation is just not led by a authorities for the folks.

Before I learnt learn how to make dentures, crowns and orthodontic appliances myself, I had not even thought of that this stuff had been customized made individually by actual individuals – I simply never thought previous when the dentist takes the impression of the teeth.…

Did Bradley James Fix His Tooth? Why That’s Dangerous

Dental veneers are another implausible software utilized in cosmetic dentistry to help create that excellent smile. Involved in regards to the ways I could hold Tess’ tooth clean and forestall any liver damage from this kind of repetitive infection, I checked into strategies of dental look after dogs. Until such people are employed by an organization which subsidizes a excessive portion of their insurance premiums, they are going to seemingly be currently uninsured, adding a scarcity of correct medical intervention to their healthcare dilemnas.

Based mostly on the affected person’s mouth and individual case a bone graft and or tooth extractions may or might not be obligatory with a purpose to have profitable implants. That is why it is referred to as ‘common healthcare’. Reading ‘Patient Testimonials’ either out there of their web sites or on Google is a very useful tool in assessing the quality of dental service and fame of the dentist.

If you experience sensitive teeth, dentists suggest that you just swap again to a sensitive toothpaste, akin to Crest Delicate or Colgate Delicate. My enamel was not affected, but my gums had been sanded” down to show the nerve in certainly one of my enamel.

To be able to convey again long absent sufferers and loosen up current shoppers and let them have a very good time, one specific dental apply has adopted the themes of Star Trek® and Star Wars® in is quite a artistic endeavor that the entire staff enjoys.

– Typically tumors, most cancers, or trauma can cause the emergency removal of teeth and generally insurance would not cover complete restore or implants as a result of they may take into account it cosmetic. Once a tooth rotted away, these strands of pulp can be seen protruding from the gums.…