Nutrition for indoor cycling: Fuel your workout and perform at your best

There’s no denying that with the temperature dropping and weather forecasts looking less and less inviting, more people are taking to their ‘pain caves’ in anticipation of the winter cycling season. With an increase in indoor cycling, there are other considerations to make, like how you’re going to fuel your body to perform at its best in what is, arguably, a very trying environment compared to the great outdoors.

While nutrition for indoor cycling might seem oddly specific, you’d be surprised how much we need to pay attention to our bodies when working out indoors, as well as how we should be approaching fuel and hydration. So whether you’re completely new to indoor cycling, or you’re a seasoned Zwifter who’s looking to up the ante this year, if you’re looking for expert advice on the best way to fuel your workouts, you’ve come to the right place.