Most Popular Reasons Why People Give Up On A Diet Plan And What To Do About It

Keeping to a diet plan is like riding a bicycle. If you’re a first timer, you’ll probably fall so many times before you become an expert.

Moreso, you don’t just become an expert! You develop skill through consistency and practice and then you move to various difficulty levels just like in video games.

You start as a beginner then move up the ranks to amateur, pro and then expert! I’m sure you already know where this is going, right?

In simple terms, it can be very tempting to opt out of a fitness plan – and for so many reasons even. There are thousands of people who want to lose weight but it’s easier said than done – losing weight is a herculean task and sometimes there are reasons why people give up on a diet plan.

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So Why Do People Give Up?

·        Unrealistic Expectations

If you do not set realistic goals, you will be easily discouraged.

There is no need to rush the process otherwise you will expect too much too soon and feel like you’re either not doing your best or the plan isn’t working for you.

The more unrealistic expectations you have, the more discouraged you will become – not to mention the number of plans you will have decided to try out as a result of your impatience which may start to damage your health.

You need to exercise patience and trust your body and the process.

Like most nutritionists say – it takes four weeks for your body to notice and eight weeks for others to notice. So patience is the key to losing weight and getting fit. Be very consistent and diligent with your diet.

·        A Rebellious Body

Are you feeling hungry all the time? If yes, then your body is having a hard time adapting.

Sometimes going on a diet or getting to exercise daily makes your body complain of hunger pangs and aches.

Statistically speaking, calories in cannot exceed theamount of calories out. So you need to eat smarter.

Let your diet contain low-calorie foods like vegetables, high-fiber foods like whole grains, and foods with high water content like fruit. These foods will keep your stomach full and ward off hunger pangs.

·        Unhealthy Cravings

It can be difficult to stop yourself from thinking about the foods you shouldn’t eat. It’s normal.

However, the solution is plain and simple: eat healthy most of the time and satisfy your cravings with small splurges to prevent feeling deprived. Don’t punish yourself by ignoring your cravings otherwise you risk eating more than required.

There’s no harm in finding healthier ways to enjoy the foods you crave. If you love cookies, buy one favorite cookie and not the entire box.

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