Migraine avoidance treatment options: Sorts, usefulness, outlook

Migraine prophylaxis, or avoidance procedure, could help minimize or stop migraine assaults. Prophylaxis may perhaps incorporate treatment, integrative therapies this sort of as acupuncture and behavioral therapy, or a blend of both.

Migraine prophylaxis might assistance lower the frequency of migraine problems, lessen ache depth, and make improvements to top quality of lifestyle. Proof implies there are helpful methods for migraine prevention.

There are a quantity of drugs readily available, as well as integrative treatment options that may possibly be useful.

This short article appears to be like at kinds of migraine drugs, integrative treatment method choices, and the outlook for migraine prophylaxis.

In accordance to a 2019 report in American Household Doctor, around 38% of individuals with episodic migraine headaches would gain from prophylaxis medicines, but less than 13% acquire them.

The write-up states that prophylaxis may possibly assistance to:

  • lessen migraine assault frequency and severity
  • lower similar distress
  • make improvements to high quality of lifestyle
  • prevent conversion to continual migraine

Prophylaxis may well be useful for men and women who have:

Successful initial-line drugs for migraine prophylaxis involve:


Propranolol is a form of beta-blocker. It is a person of the most frequent and effective prescription drugs for migraine prophylaxis.

It can consider 12 months for folks to start experiencing the benefits of propranolol. People today may start out by getting 40–160 milligrams (mg) and development to 320 mg day by day.

Typical facet outcomes of beta-blockers may perhaps include things like:

If a person has an underlying coronary heart situation, they may well take into account having other beta-blockers such as:

Beta-blockers could not be ideal for individuals with the next disorders:


Initial-line drugs for migraine avoidance consist of the subsequent anticonvulsants:

Prevalent side results of Depakote and sodium valproate contain:

Depakote and sodium valproate may perhaps be particularly beneficial for managing extended and atypical migraine head aches. They are not ideal for men and women with extreme liver condition or pancreatitis. On top of that, Topamax and sodium valproate are not suitable in the course of being pregnant.

Topamax is as successful as propranolol for preventing migraine. Individuals can start out with 25 mg day by day and little by little enhance to 100 mg 2 times a working day. It can take 2–3 months ahead of a human being appreciates whether or not therapy is powerful or not.

Popular side outcomes of Topamax incorporate:

Other side consequences may perhaps include:


The antidepressant amitriptyline might be a lot more helpful than propranolol in managing combined migraine-stress complications.

Amitriptyline is effective more quickly than beta-blockers, and men and women could knowledge positive aspects in up to 4 months. People today can take 20–75 mg just about every working day. Aspect results might involve:

Venlafaxine may perhaps be as successful in avoiding migraine as amitriptyline. People can take 150 mg every single day. Side effects can incorporate:

Other prophylactic treatment plans for migraine include things like:


Acupuncture may perhaps support to reduce the frequency and ache of migraine for some people today.

A 2017 study looked at the effects of acupuncture on 249 people who had migraine with out aura. Researchers break up individuals into a true acupuncture group, a sham acupuncture team, and a group on the ready record to get acupuncture.

Individuals in the true and sham acupuncture group had 20 sessions of acupuncture more than 4 months.

Researchers uncovered that individuals in the legitimate acupuncture team knowledgeable substantial positive aspects in comparison to the sham and ready checklist teams.

Correct acupuncture was powerful in migraine prophylaxis for at least 24 months and diminished migraine frequency and intensity of agony.


According to the American Massage Therapy Association, massage may enable people regulate migraine suffering. There is minimal investigate on the added benefits of massage for migraine. Nonetheless, some reports propose that therapeutic massage could assistance decrease the frequency and intensity of migraine assaults and reduce headache frequency and perceived suffering for rigidity-variety problems.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Cognitive behavioral treatment (CBT) is a psychological strategy that may well support people handle migraine pain and connected distress.

CBT could also assist lower the intensity and frequency of migraine and stress-type head aches. Analysis suggests that CBT and leisure approaches could cut down headache activity between 30–60%.

A 2020 review appeared at the consequences of CBT on migraine in 18 adolescents. Individuals took section in eight weekly CBT periods. Researchers took MRI scans just before and immediately after the analyze to clearly show any variations in the mind.

Just after 8 months, headache frequency diminished and scans showed variations in mind perform and activity that could counsel gains of CBT for migraine prophylaxis.

Biofeedback procedures

Biofeedback devices keep track of selected responses in the entire body, this sort of as muscle mass stress or the temperature of the skin.

As folks alter their reaction, these as releasing rigidity in element of the overall body, the system will supply responses to let individuals know. A unit could possibly use a sound or light-weight method to supply suggestions.

By employing biofeedback, more than time, persons will acquire an consciousness of their responses and will be ready to release rigidity or pressure in the human body devoid of requiring the unit. Finding out this ability may possibly support to prevent or reduce migraine head aches.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation

A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) machine is a tiny system with pads that persons attach to the skin’s floor. The machine then provides reduced voltage electrical present-day pulses, which stimulate nerves and have an affect on discomfort indicators to the mind.

A 2018 meta-examination of four reports located that TENS may perhaps be an productive and nicely-tolerated procedure for migraine. It could help decrease headache days and reduce consumption of pain reduction treatment.

Nonetheless, scientists require further more proof to attain a last summary.

Recognizing and keeping away from triggers

People today may possibly locate retaining monitor of their migraine problems assists them identify their triggers.

Popular migraine triggers contain:

People today can explore how finest to keep away from or manage their triggers with a healthcare skilled.

Running tension, preventing certain foodstuff, preserving to regular mealtimes, and setting up great rest habits may possibly aid.

Migraine prophylaxis will not remedy migraine but could aid to:

  • minimize frequency of migraine attacks
  • lower severity and duration of migraine assaults
  • enhance response to migraine treatment
  • increase good quality of everyday living

In accordance to research, the very first-line medicines successful for migraine prophylaxis are:

  • divalproex
  • topiramate
  • metoprolol
  • propranolol
  • timolol

Folks could use the next prescription drugs as 2nd-line procedure. They are in all probability productive in migraine prophylaxis:

  • amitriptyline
  • venlafaxine
  • atenolol
  • nadolol

Other remedies for migraine prophylaxis may perhaps have minimal evidence for their efficacy, are ineffective treatment options, or have not nevertheless been through sufficient research.

The exploration also states that non-pharmacologic remedies for migraine may perhaps be practical, which include:

A combination of techniques may well be efficient for migraine prophylaxis. Acupuncture alongside therapy for signs may decrease headache frequency and be as productive as medication.

Migraine prophylaxis may possibly assist cut down the frequency of migraine problems, the intensity of suffering, and the length of migraine attacks.

Drugs, leisure, biofeedback, CBT, and acupuncture could all be effective in migraine prophylaxis.