Johns Island residents concerned about possible medical village

JOHNS ISLAND, S.C. (WCSC) – Johns Island residents have concerns about a proposed Medical Village on Betsy Kerrison Parkway.

Plans were presented at a Charleston County workshop last week, but no formal plans have been submitted to planning yet.

The conceptual planned Island Park Place Medical Health and Wellness Village is proposed to be built along Betsy Kerrison Parkway, right across from Rosebank Farms.

Plan from DesignWorks show it intends to offer a village-like setting with healthcare and wellness services.

The conceptual plans for the Island Park Place show a 40,000-square-foot Main Medical Facility along with other practices throughout the village like physical therapy, pain management, women’s wellness, chiropractic’s, orthopedics, dentistry, family medicine, cardiology, nutrition, life fitness, pharmacy, health grocery and eateries.

James Stanton lives a few miles from the proposed location. He says he’s in favor of having more medical facilities in this area of Johns Island, but has concerns about the exact site.

“Myself, many of our neighbors, we’re very pro-development and understand where the infrastructure needs to be improved,” Stanton said. “We just want it to be done in a smart way.”

Other people like Rich Thomas, who lives right across from the potential medical village, are worried the medical village would change the character of Betsy Kerrison Parkway.

He feels areas like Freshfield Village or Maybank Highway would be better suited for this type of development.

“Part of the road, about half of it, directly across the road from here is swampy, wetlands,” Thomas said. “So that land would have to be filled in to build a proposed development. Doing that would cause the run-off to go around and back across my property actually if you look at the flow path.”

The workshop meeting last week was the first step for the developer to introduce the planned development.

However, in order for it to ever come, the site would first need to be rezoned to a planned development (PD) through Charleston County Zoning and Planning. The current zoning of the property does not allow the proposed use.

As of now, Charleston County Zoning and Planning Department says they do not have a formal application. Therefore, it is not currently scheduled for any upcoming Planning Commission meetings.

“There’s a feeling around here at times that things just get done in the dead of night,” Thomas said.

He says he hopes there’s a strong public/private conversation if this medical village moves forward in the future.

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