Is Being Fit and Being Healthy the Same?

You can be fit and not very healthy, and you can be very healthy and not fit. The best you could do is to strike a balance from both sides, which requires an identification of the difference between fitness and health. So let’s get the difference defined.

  • Health:The World Health Organization has defined health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not just the absence of disease or infirmity.” It includes well aging, longevity, quality of life, pain-free, etc.
  • Fitness:On the other hand, fitness is defined as a set of attributes that are related to the ability to perform physical activity. Fitness consists of many components, and consideration must be given to the following factors when discussing fitness levels:
  • Endurance:This is when your body is capable of using and supplying your body with oxygen.
  • Accuracy:The ability to control motion in a given direction or intensity.
  • Stamina:This is when your body is capable of storing, processing, and utilizing energy.
  • Balance:Capability of controlling your body’s center of gravity relative to your base of support.
  • Strength:It’s your muscles or a muscle unit’s ability to apply force.
  • Speed:The ability to minimize the time required to accomplish a task or movement.
  • Coordination:The ability to combine several different patterns of movement in a single, distinct motion.
  • Power:Your muscles can maximize their strength in a minimum amount of time.
  • Agility:The ability to minimize the time from one move to the next.

Health Vs Fitness

Fitness requires some kind of exercise that activates different body systems and maintains a particular condition within the body. On the other hand, health involves every system in the body and is achieved only through a lifestyle that supports health. For example, if someone admits he has neglected to eat correctly, ignored the fat content, and ate mostly processed foods, all the exercise in the world might not be able to correct the damage caused by such a lifestyle.

Exercise will not remove the chemical damage, or improve the damage or weakness of the immune system from depleted foods. Only healthy nutrition can help to promote good health. Fitness can, of course, also support health and will improve health if it is part of a way of life. Our health is the result of thousands of daily nutritional choices.

If getting the doctor off your back is merely healthy, ask yourself what you can do to enjoy good health. Healthy is fine, but if you can’t walk up the stairs without being puffed up and exhausted all day, or enjoy a holiday, what’s the value? Talk to your exercise physiologist and ensure that both sides of the equation are addressed, and set health and fitness/performance goals. Or look for your physiologist on Iherb and check for more reviews on Norskeanmeldelser on things to note before choosing a physiologist online. Then step back and watch how you will be blossoming every day.

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