Fitness Specialists Explain TikTok’s ‘StairMaster Hacks’

  • On TikTok, “StairMaster hacks” are likely viral because of to rumors that they can assist you develop abs.
  • Creators have shared their preferred stair-stepper strategies, from going hands-absolutely free to jumping on them.
  • Gurus explained these workouts have positive aspects, but aren’t productive for gaining muscle or revealing abdominal muscles.

Of all the fads and guidelines circulating on line about how to remain suit, working with a stair-climbing training machine is a person of the ways presently getting the most interest from conditioning influencers on TikTok. 

Stair-steppers are a kind of fitness center tools that consist of sets of moving steps that rotate like a treadmill. They are generally referred to as “StairMasters” — the title of a brand which served popularize the solution.

The hashtag #StairMaster has 149 million sights, and unique video clips utilizing stair-steppers often go viral as TikTokers declare that undertaking specific routines can assistance you establish stomach muscles and glute muscles at a quick speed. Hundreds more people have designed films indicating they’ve started off applying the machine because they listened to about its purported outcomes from TikTok. 

While utilizing a stair-stepper is excellent cardio workout, it is just not often successful for building muscle mass. For sculpted, seen abs — which many TikTok video clips guarantee to help reach — fitness specialists say concentrating on diet is extra important.

A obstacle exactly where you walk on a stair-stepper for 90 minutes straight is much more possible to bring about accidents than results

One of the most popular hacks on TikTok is a challenge where by creators declare they walked on a stair-stepper for 90 minutes straight.  

A TikTok about the challenge posted on February 2 by @allison.flood has 1.4 million views. The creator wrote in the video clip that she “felt like loss of life” soon after just one hour on the stair-stepper, but carried on for the whole 90 minutes. 

Of the 3,500 comments on the online video, quite a few ended up worried about how safe the obstacle was. One particular prime comment with 10,000 likes said, “Guys I really don’t know if she’s alive,” and a further with 20,000 likes said, “Why would you willingly set on your own by this?” 

An additional very similar online video with 1.1 million sights posted by @chasembyrd obtained several responses asking how any individual could quite possibly have the endurance to retain likely during the challenge. “How do y’all do a lot more than 5 minutes I just can’t imagine,” a remark with 13,000 likes requested. 

Some viral TikToks have advised alternate stair-stepper troubles that do not involve these types of a lengthy workout. Just one video with 2.6 million sights posted by @sharonxxx established a problem that included walking on a stair-stepper at degree 7 for 20 minutes every single working day for 10 days. The TikToker mentioned she noticed “so several” improvements in her body just after finishing the problem. 

Outcomes from stair-stepper exercise sessions are likely a mix of some resistance perform by the stepping movement, blended with an intensive calorie burn off, in accordance to Noam Tamir, founder and CEO of TS Physical fitness in New York City.

“If individuals are dropping overall body excess fat all over, they are going to be viewing their ab muscles, and higher-depth cardio does burn up some calories,” he instructed Insider. 

To get defined ab muscles, you require to have an all round very low human body unwanted fat share, due to the fact you are not able to location-lessen extra fat by training particular overall body elements. Losing fat demands a calorie deficit, or burning additional calories than you eat. 

But 90 minutes on a stair-stepper could stress your joints with few advantages, according to energy coach Michael Boyle

“If you might be really seeking to give your self a knee challenge, that’s a good way to do it,” he instructed Insider. 

Whilst workout burns calories, it is hardly ever ample for significant

pounds reduction

results devoid of altering your food plan, evidence suggests. 

“It truly is unbelievably ineffective. You don’t get abdominal muscles in the health club,” Boyle claimed. 

Heading no-palms on a stair-stepper is ‘no extra effective’ than strolling, in spite of the viral TikTok hack

While most stair-steppers, like treadmills, have handles to keep on to, just one TikToker went viral when she shared that she was featured on the Now Clearly show internet site stating not holding on to the handles served her establish abdominal muscles.  

In a video clip posted on February 15, @shutupcamilla mentioned employing the stair-stepper with “no fingers” for 25 minutes at degree seven can “give you abs” for the reason that it “necessitates you to use all your core muscle tissue” to stabilize you, strengthening this aspect of your system. 

In yet another Tiktok, she explained she “worked out and ate clean” for decades, but this trick produced the “most difference” to her physique. 

Although utilizing a stair-stepper arms-cost-free is terrific work out, the thought that it will drive your core to work harder, and thus expose stomach muscles, just just isn’t proof-primarily based, according to Boyle. 

“I would put that in the ‘total bullshit’ group. I have no thought what magical result it really is intended to have. It really is no more successful for stomach muscles than going for walks or running,” he mentioned.

TikTokers’ trick to offer with boredom on stair-steppers might steer clear of injuries, but just isn’t the greatest way to construct muscle

Many comments on “StairMaster” TikToks talk to the influencers how they will not get bored going for walks on a stair-stepper for this kind of extensive periods when the workout appears to be so repetitive. 

In reaction, TikTokers have shared their favored exercise routines that involve more than just strolling, such as lunging and kicking again, going for walks sideways, and even leaping among actions with both of those feet, to insert additional variety to a work out.


Changing up movements can enable prevent harm from repetitive motion, and obstacle distinct muscular tissues like hamstrings, glutes, and calves, according to Tamir.

But elaborate routines carry a danger of slipping or misstepping and having damage, and way too much stair-stepping can basically burn muscle mass instead of making it, he mentioned. 

“You have to weigh the possibility and reward,” he explained. “It isn’t going to get a great deal of ability to use and you can get a ton of reps in, but it’s just one resource.”

If your intention is developing muscle mass in the glutes or anywhere else, resistance schooling utilizing weights, bands, or your own system, might be better solutions.  

“The software for the position is in all probability a barbell or a dumbbell and the floor,” Boyle stated.