Coronavirus Outbreak ‘Likely’ To Get Worse In Ohio, Governor Says

COLUMBUS, OH — A somber Gov. Mike DeWine said Ohio faces a difficult stretch in its battle with the coronavirus.

“Things will get better…but in all likelihood things will get worse before they get better,” DeWine said. “The virus is tough. It is cunning. It almost has a mind of its own.”

The governor expressed his confidence in a forthcoming vaccine, but urged Ohioans to don masks and follow health guidance. DeWine wants more compliance with mask guidelines from Ohioans, preferably with at least 85 percent of Ohioans wearing masks in public.

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To keep the economy fluttering with life, Ohioans will need to wear masks, DeWine said. To keep the state’s remaining institutions open and functioning, including schools and sports, Ohioans must also follow social distancing guidelines.

“Wear masks when you are in any place where you will see others. The virus wants us to get complacent because it needs us to spread it,” DeWine said.

The governor said the vigilance and sacrifices of Ohioans has kept the state’s COVID-19 outbreak from hitting cataclysmic proportions and has prevented largescale outbreaks. However, the virus has been spreading rapidly across the Buckeye State.

DeWine highlighted Ohio’s surge in new cases and rising positivity rates on COVID-19 tests. Two weeks ago, Ohio was confirming approximately 1,000 new cases per day. Over the past seven days, Ohio has averaged 1,400 new cases per day.

Other early indicators of COVID-19 spead have been spiking, DeWine said. Visits to medical offices, people reporting COVID-19-like symptoms and other metrics have been jumping rapidly.

“This shows just how this virus has spread throughout the state,” DeWine said.

Here are all of Tuesday’s COVID-19 numbers in Ohio:

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