bodybuilder and physical fitness coach shares his teaching philosophies

Michael Jordan is fond expressing that acquiring cut from his substantial college basketball staff supplied him the determination to turn into the Hall of Fame hoopster he’d finally grow to be. 

Though Invoice Neylon of West Palm Beach would by no means assess himself to the residing legend that is Air Jordan, it can be argued that it was a related athletic snub — Neylon’s becoming slice from his New Jersey area significant university football crew, when the coach told the 5-foot-4, 125-pound teen he “was way too modest to participate in football” — that set him on the individual and specialist path that he’d stick to for the next 50-additionally many years. 

So how did Neylon — who’s now 68 and in improved form than most adult men half his age — reply to his coach’s evaluation? 

“I got in the pounds area and developed up my entire body.”

By the time he graduated substantial school, Neylon was a 5-foot-6, 145-pound varsity hockey player.

And, considerably much more importantly, Neylon had become enamored of excess weight-schooling, bodybuilding and private fitness education. 

The upcoming five many years saw him acquire so significantly fitness knowledge and create so many relationships by way of bodybuilding that he recently released his memoir — “My Journey with the Iron” — which is offered on

Bill Neylon at a book signing for his new memoir, "My Journey with the Iron."

Humble beginnings 

In 1974, after Neylon experienced graduated from Georgia State and was residing in Atlanta, he remembers he fell in with a group of “fellow health and fitness center rats” who were being all looking at starting to be competitive bodybuilders. 

Just one dilemma — at minimum in Neylon’s head: To really attain the heights of the activity, bodybuilders needed to get anabolic steroids. 

Back then, steroids weren’t unlawful in the U.S. and their destructive prolonged-time period outcomes weren’t as effectively-recognized as they are currently.