A bodybuilder and health and fitness influencer swears by hanging leg raises for outlined stomach muscles

Dr. Sunny Andrews is a bodybuilder primarily based in Florida. Sunny Andrews

  • Sunny Andrews is a bodybuilder, exercise influencer, and complete-time physician.

  • She spoke to Insider about how she constructed her stomach muscles.

  • Andrews favors hanging leg raises, but holding your eating plan in examine is key much too.

Bodybuilder, conditioning influencer, and full-time surgeon Sunny Andrews, whose true identify is Dr. Sonia Andreou, appreciates a thing or two about receiving outlined ab muscles.

The planet champion physique competitor told Insider she swears by a number of crucial workouts and diet procedures to build her sculpted mid-portion with a rippling six-pack.

Andrews’ preferred exercising is the hanging leg-elevate, but all the physical exercises in the globe is not going to get you popping abs if your diet regime is just not in test, she reported.

Hanging leg raises are Andrews’ favorite ab training

Andrews’ favorite ab exercising is hanging leg raises: This signifies hanging from a bar earlier mentioned your head and lifting your legs up to 90 degrees and back again down, whilst participating the core to stabilize the human body.

“It seriously engages your decrease stomach muscles, and with some twists you can interact your obliques,” Andrews reported.

To build and produce quantity in just about every belly muscle, Andrews favors rope crunches (employing a cable machine) and bench crunches, both of those incline (lifting the physique to fulfill your toes at the greater conclusion of the bench) and drop (lifting the legs with the head at the increased finish of the bench).

“I in no way desired to boost my midsection, I needed to have additional definition,” Andrews mentioned.

To achieve her sculpted main, she trains her abs five periods a week, typically in supersets (many workout routines again to back again prior to resting and repeating), at the finish of every exercise session.

Obtaining lean through diet program is key

As difficult as you coach your ab muscles, you is not going to see the muscle mass if your mid-section is just not lean ample, Andrews claimed, centered on her knowledge as a bodybuilder.

“It’s 70% diet plan.”

She normally eats oats for breakfast, then for her other foods she likes sweet potato or rice with chicken breast or fish.

Andrews competing in a bodybuilding show.

Andrews competes in bodybuilding demonstrates about her do the job. Sunny Andrews

Andrews, who operates as a surgeon, makes use of the analogy of a sheet above a rock.

“If you have a skinny sheet, that signifies you never have a ton of unwanted fat, and you have a small pebble mainly because you will not function out, you happen to be heading to see a minimal little bit of stomach muscles,” she claimed. “If you have a thin sheet, but you have a massive rock, for the reason that you work out your abs all the time, certainly they are heading to pop via additional.”

But if you have a thick cover, it is won’t make a difference no matter whether you have a pebble or a massive rock, for the reason that it’ll be concealed, Andrews claimed.

Her suggestions is to concentrate on having in a calorie deficit with ample protein to retain your muscle mass.

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