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Hani El-Masri
An Egyptian Tapestry
Inspired by Classical Folk Tales the Thousand and One Nights and executed in the traditional blind stitch
patchwork technique of Egypt (Kheyameya), this one of a kind unique tapestry is available for purchase.
The piece stands an impressive 5 meters tall by 8 meters wide (16.5 feet x 26.2 feet), weighs 45 Kilograms,
and was composed with a staggering 102 unique colors.
The Works of Hani D. El-Masri
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In January of 2009 the project took shape. It was dedicated to the opening story of the Thousand and One Nights,
The story of the stories, and the circumstances that led Scheherazade to tell the king her nightly tales, not just to save
Her neck, as it is thought, but also to cure him from his blinding jealousy.
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