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Dangerous dentist ‘hacks’ are flooding TikTok as influencers grind down teeth with nail files & use BLEACH for whitening

SCRAPING a nail file down her front teeth, a young girl beams for the camera in scenes that would make any viewer grimace.

The shocking video is just one example of a disturbing new ‘DIY dentistry’ trend that sees TikTok influencers advise their fans on how to get a perfect smile.

Young TikTok users have filmed themselves filing their teeth down


Young TikTok users have filmed themselves filing their teeth downCredit: TikTok/Miadio
One trend sees users pour bleach on their toothbrushes


One trend sees users pour bleach on their toothbrushesCredit: TikTok/Miadio

From rubbing bleach on their teeth through to scraping enamel with activated charcoal to get pearly whites, some truly shocking ‘hacks’ are going viral on the video-sharing app.

However, experts are warning such reckless trends will not just cause lasting damage and stains, but can also lead to pain later in life.

Dr Kamala Aydazada, dentist and founder of Kensington Cosmetic Dentist, says: “People are spending longer hours staring at themselves on video calls, as well as following others on social media – many of whom use ‘picture perfect’ filters and Photoshop to enhance their profiles.

“For some, this may lead them resorting to drastic measures to achieve the results they want.”

Here, we take a closer look at just some of the hacks going viral on TikTok – and Dr Aydazada explains why she wouldn’t recommend trying them at home…

‘Once filed down they’ll never grow back’

In a toe-curling new trend on par with running your finger nails down a chalkboard, TikTok users have been ‘reshaping’ their teeth – using nail files.

Young people are attempting to take matters into their own hands to get the 'perfect smile'


Young people are attempting to take matters into their own hands to get the ‘perfect smile’Credit: TikTok / millennial_rdh
TikTok users are grinding down their teeth using nail files but dentists warn against it


TikTok users are grinding down their teeth using nail files but dentists warn against itCredit: TikTok / millennial_rdh

TikTok user Mia Dio, who has 145K followers, was one of the first to try out the technique, with the video liked over 51K times.

After using the ill-advised method, she shows a close up of her perfect smile, saying: “Guys, it’s literally working!”

Despite a warning applied to the video stating it contains “potential dangerous action”, one user commented: “I’ve thought about doing this so many times… They look good!!!”

Another added: “Is this real??? Is it dangerous??? Wanna do it but I’m scared lol.”

The bizarre trend spread right across TikTok


The bizarre trend spread right across TikTokCredit: Tiktok

Explaining why it’s so damaging, Dr Ayazada says: “The enamel of your teeth is really thin and once filed down, it will never grow back.

“This can cause a number of issues, making the affected areas appear dull and develop more stains over time due to surface irregularities.

“Your teeth may end up with sensitivity or pain and will become more prone to cavities. I would like to remind everyone that you only have one set of permanent teeth and should not compromise your health attempting this ill-advised TikTok trend.”

Whitening teeth with BLEACH

Some users have also started using three per cent hydrogen peroxide to whiten their teeth at home – a

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