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The fitness band for all seasons

Xiaomi recently launched the much-awaited Mi Band 5 in India, a few months after its global launch. At the same event, the company also introduced its first-ever smartwatch, the Mi Watch Revolve. But such is the price and appeal of the Mi Band 5 that it hogged much of the limelight. For the right reasons as we understand in this Mi Band 5 review.

Xiaomi has launched the Mi Band 5 at a competitive price of Rs 2499. It is interesting because the Mi Band 4 sells at around Rs 2299. So basically, now the fitness band to buy from Xiaomi is the Mi Band 5 because for just Rs 200 extra it brings so much more to the table.

Mi Band 5: Design

The Mi Band 5 features the classic Mi Band design that has been with this fitness tracker since the first Band. Although there have been minor changes in the display size, the capsule-shaped tracker has been one constant. That is alright, though. The design is fine enough, and even if it doesn’t change, the one good bit is that it works well.

The Mi Band 5 looks identical to the Mi Band 4 but comes with a bigger 1.1-inch display, which is a welcome change. So, Xiaomi has retained the compactness but at the same time, it has managed to provide a bigger and brighter viewing display to the Band fans. Xiaomi has used the AMOLED panel for the display, and true to character the display shows bright and brilliant colours.There is a touch key right below the display that pretty much helps you in controlling the fitness band.

Xiaomi has used the silicone straps that will fit almost all wrists sizes. There is nothing outlandish or eye-catching about the straps and they are quite comfortable to put on for hours. While trying the band, I rarely removed it and not even once did my skin felt itchy or uncomfortable.On the rear of the Mi Band 5, there is the heart rate sensor. There are also two pins below the sensor which connect to the charger

This brings me to the most endearing thing about the Mi Band 5: its magnetic charging point. This means that you now no longer have to struggle to pop out the fitness tracker from its strap to charge it. The magnetic charger can be attached to the port and charged with the straps on.

Mi Band 5: Performance

To set up the Mi Band 5, users will have to first download the Mi Fit app and create an account. The app records health data, step count, and analyses sleep. However, for everything that you want your app to know, you will have to grant permissions. For instance, if you want to get notifications for calls or messages you will have to enable that in the settings. Although the app caters to some of the most practical needs, it is slightly convoluted and the user interface could be a bit complicated