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Sidero Bioscience Announces Agreement with SRS Life Sciences for Commercialization of BioFe for Iron Deficiency

Sidero Bioscience, LLC, (Hershey, PA) a clinical stage biotechnology company targeting human digestive health, today announces the execution of a term sheet agreement with SRS Life Sciences PTE. LTD, (Singapore) a leading life sciences company. The agreement provides SRS exclusive rights for sales, marketing, and distribution of Sidero’s patented biologic iron, BioFeTM, for the management of iron deficiency and related disorders in India and Southeast Asia.

“This agreement illustrates the excellent partners and licensing opportunities available for our robust and intuitive BioFe technology,” noted Darren Wolfe, Ph.D., President & CEO, Sidero, adding “Iron Deficiency remains a massive global unmet medical need, one that BioFe addresses with natural biology instead of chemicals. We are encouraged by the eagerness of the SRS team to work with us and expect a binding agreement in the near term.”

“At SRS Life Sciences, we exist to change what’s possible for the health of the 6 billion people living in emerging nations. We continuously identify the most pressing unmet healthcare needs so we can be first to deliver products and solutions that lessen the burden of disease,” states Suchet Rastogi, CEO, SRS Life Sciences. Mr. Rastogi continues, “With BioFe, our initial target is to move the needle on the 468 million women suffering from anemia.”

Iron Deficiency (ID), the most common and widespread global nutritional disorder, affects over 2 billion people and causes about 1 million deaths/year (predominantly in Africa/Southeast Asia). The WHO estimates a staggering $2 trillion annual global economic cost due to micronutrient deficiencies, with iron being the most common. ID, which frequently progresses to Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA), is associated with numerous medical conditions and symptoms, affecting all ages – prenatal to elderly. In the young, ID impedes motor and mental development leading to lifelong physical and cognitive deficiencies. In adults, ID causes fatigue, reduced work capacity, and reduced quality of life among many other symptoms. Iron deficiency is also linked to restless leg syndrome (RLS), hearing deficits, and heart failure and kidney disease morbidity. Significantly, even mild Iron Deficiency leads to decreased physical/athletic performance and also decreased intellectual/cognitive performance.

James Connor, Ph.D., Founder and Chairman of the Sidero Board, states, “In partnership with SRS, we strive to provide a safe, effective, and cost-efficient treatment option for iron deficiency. The SRS health team understands the global impact of ID/IDA and are experts in launching transformational technologies, like BioFe, to fill significant unmet medical needs.”

About Sidero Bioscience

Sidero is advancing disruptive technologies utilizing the patented SiderosorbTM platform that employs nutritional Baker’s yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, to provide therapeutic proteins/complexes to improve human health. BioFeTM is a nutritional yeast strain expressing very high levels of H-Ferritin, FTH1, a natural iron transport and storage protein. An illustrative example of the natural biology of the Ferritin/Iron complex is its presence in human breast milk, providing nursing infants the readily adsorbed iron required for growth and development without gastrointestinal upset. Sidero is currently preparing manuscripts detailing the preclinical and clinical development

Gilead Sciences to sell Europe 500,000 doses of remdesivir

Oct. 8 (UPI) — Gilead Sciences announced Thursday that it’s selling 500,000 doses of remdesivir to European countries as many experience a spike in cases of COVID-19.

The company, which produces the antiviral under the name Veklury, said it reached a deal allowing the European Commission to purchase the drug for 36 countries over the next six months.

Gilead says it ramped up its production of remdesivir in recent months after studies indicated it showed shortened recovery times for some coronavirus patients. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration took control of the distribution of the drug in May after giving it emergency approval for COVID-19 treatment.

Gilead resumed control of distribution earlier this month. The company said it’s on track to produce more than 2 million treatment courses of the drug this year.

“Supply of Veklury is expected to meet global demand by the end of this month, enabling the purchase of Veklury both to treat patients and to support national stockpiling of the medicine for current and future surges of COVID-19,” the company said in a statement.

Clinical results for the antiviral have been mixed. A new National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases study published Thursday in the New England Journal of Medicine said treatment with remdesivir shortened recovery time by five days compared to a placebo, and reduced mortality by 70% at Day 29 in patients with low-flow oxygen.

Another study in August showed the drug doesn’t improve outcomes in people hospitalized with moderate pneumonia caused by COVID-19.

Researched published last month showed that remdesivir administered in combination with baricitinib — treatment for rheumatoid arthritis — can reduce the recovery time for people with COVID-19 when compared to people treated with just the antiviral.

Originally developed to treat Ebola virus, remdesivir works by slowing the production of enzymes that play a key role in the replication of viruses, including coronaviruses, according to Gilead Sciences.

President Donald Trump received remdesivir as part of his own treatment for COVID-19.

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Gilead Sciences resumes control of remdesivir distribution

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