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Gathering Limits Eased For College Students In Boulder

BOULDER, CO — The gathering limit for people ages 18 to 22 in Boulder has been loosened, public health officials announced Tuesday. As of noon, students can gather in groups of up to six people.

“This is such good news. This means that our community is safer from the spread of this disease, and young adults can connect with a few more of their friends,” said Jeff Zayach, Boulder County Public Health executive director.

Between Oct. 2 and Saturday, 239 new cases of the coronavirus were reported in Boulder County — a far lower weekly number than the county reported over the past month, public health data shows.

Boulder County Public Health issued an order Sept. 24 that required everyone in Boulder between the ages of 18 to 22 to halt gatherings, and so far, the order appears to be working — the University of Colorado Boulder’s spike in cases has dropped dramatically, health officials confirmed. The university reported only six new cases Monday.

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CU is working with Boulder County Public Health and students to determine how football games and other university-sponsored events will look.

“This has been tough on our young adults and on our community. Our hope is that new cases will continue to decline, and young adults will be able to return to the Safer at Home gathering size allowance of ten people, like the rest of the county,” Zayach said.

“We know that the majority of young adults are following the requirements and they should get to gather with friends safely. Individuals who have not been adhering to the guidance will be held accountable.”

Metrics for the young adult levels are monitored daily and reported weekly. The decision to move levels is decided and announced by Boulder County Public Health by 11 a.m. on Tuesdays each week. Any changes in restrictions will take effect at noon on the Tuesday they’re announced, health officials said.

>> More details about the county’s latest public health orders can be found here.

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New Public Health Orders Issued In Boulder County: What To Know

BOULDER COUNTY, CO — Two new public health orders were issued Wednesday in Boulder County after a drop in coronavirus cases.

One order limits gathering sizes for people ages 18 to 22 years old, and the other order provides guidance for collegiate group homes.

“We are so pleased that the number of new COVID-19 cases in this age group has dropped significantly,” said Jeff Zayach, Boulder County Public Health executive director.

“Thank you to every single young adult in our community who has been following this order, on top of all of the other behavior changes we’ve asked of you. Your actions have made a difference!”

The county’s first order outlines four levels for gatherings for 18 to 22-year-olds:

  • No gatherings at all

  • Private gatherings of six people

  • Attendance at regulated events

  • Gathering sizes permitted under the state dial level for Boulder County

“The metrics that trigger changes in restrictions between levels are largely influenced by individual behaviors, so they create incentives for young adults,” Zayach said.

The levels are based on:

  • Testing goals

  • Cases per 100,000 among people ages 18 to 22

  • The positivity rate among college-age students

  • Number of CU students tested

  • Cooperation with contact tracing

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Movement to ease restrictions on gatherings will be based on a 14-day positivity rate and 14-day cases per 100,000; while movement to more restrictive levels will be based on a 5-day positivity rate and 5-day cases-per-100,000 metrics. Any movement between levels will be decided and announced by Boulder County Public Health, officials said.

“First, I want to thank our students who have been complying with local and state public health orders to reduce the spread of COVID-19. I know this has been difficult,” Philip DiStefano, University of Colorado Boulder Chancellor.

“We believe we have strong testing plans, and we know that individual behavior is the biggest determinant of success in the fight against the virus, so I encourage all our students, faculty and staff to keep up the good work as we transition back to in-person instruction by Oct. 14.”

The second public health order, which is effective immediately, addresses collegiate group homes on a list of identified properties. The homes must remain under stay-at-home orders until Oct. 12, or until they complete an isolation, quarantine and testing plan, which needs to be approved by Boulder County Public Health.

The agency provided the following summary of the new orders:

What’s the same?

  • Young adults (18-22 years old) in the City of Boulder:

    • Face Coverings must be worn per state and local requirements

    • Social distancing must be followed per state and local requirements

    • May gather with one other person, including shopping and exercising

    • May go to work

  • Properties under Stay at Home Orders must stay at home until October 12 or until they submit an infection control plan, whichever is later

  • CU students continue daily symptom monitoring and reporting of symptoms